StayFree  Stay centered and Screen Time

 StayFree  Stay centered and Screen Time Tracker application 

✦What is StayFree?

✦What makes StayFree surprising? StayFree – Screen Time Tracker and Cutoff Application Use is a civility, viability and telephone dependence regulator application that award you to show how long you spend on your cell and assists you with centering by limiting the usage of employments. You can draw use lines for your applications and get alerts while beating those usage limit. You can in like way see the subtleties of your usage and encounters on your utilization history.

✔ Most raised assessed screen time and equilibrium application

✔ Inconceivably quick and direct interface

✔ Most definite use assessments

✔ Practical client help

✔ Battery wonderful

✔ Absolutely progression free!

StayFree – Screen Time Tracker and Cutoff Application Use helps you:


📵 defeat telephone inclination

🔋 stay on track

😌 balance

📱 decrease screen time

🛡 decrease impedance

💯 help esteem

🤳 turn off more occasionally

📈 increment your electronic thriving

👪 contribute quality energy with family or yourself

💪 decline relaxed around with automated detox


✦App’s Parts:

★ Application use history: see outlines and assessments of your usage history.

★ Over-use update: brief you when you are placing a huge load of energy in an application and start your general detox.

★ Square mode: quickly block any application that you are over-utilizing.


★Focus mode: Make plans for diverting applications to stay centered

★ Rest mode: Plan your rest time to harm applications

★ Concede applications: Obstruction diverting applications to quit utilizing rest of the day

★ Section mode: pass on your utilization history to CSV or Microsoft Rule report.

★ Convincing references: show arousing references that empower capability and less usage of your telephone.


★ Interface customization: there are 5 subjects – change the application how you need!

★ Lock mode: requires a baffling word to change the settings.


★ Contraption: show most utilized applications and through and through use on a beautiful gadget.

★ Pie format graph: see bit by bit and month to month application use rates.

✦YOU ARE Basic

Rating is principal to us in setting up share with our client base. On the off chance that you have contemplations or need to see something improved, don’t extra one moment to interface!

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