Strength does not mean how much you can bow down to others, but it is how much you yourself can bow down.  The greatness of life is nothing but the coming of humility with power.  Where there is competence, there is often a lack of humility.

As soon as the power comes, a sense of respect is also awakened in the person.  Be a giver, not a recipient of respect.  Use force not to gain self-respect, but to protect the honor of others.  Along with being strong, Lord Shri Krishna remained modest throughout his life.

️ Well what is that power too?  Which removes the humility of a person and strengthens the ego.  So learn to bow down so that the blessed hands of others can easily reach your head.  Without bowing, you will get disputes, not blessings.

️ A chaotic routine means a stressful night.  In the absence of a systematic routine it is not possible to enjoy deep sleep.  Happiness does not come from Raj, but from systematic work (work).

Learn to do your work on time and don’t leave it to others.  In today’s time, the way man is disturbed, disturbed and surprised, the reason for this is himself.

Not doing the work on time and not doing it yourself is the main reason for stress and unrest today.  Because of this man’s daytime and night’s peace are gone.  If you get up, sit, eat, drink, work on time and in the right way then you will get success and you will get relaxation.

Instead of doing dharma separately, learn to make every action righteous.  Today our prayer has become an act.  It should be that every action becomes like a prayer.

In this age of life insurance, today we have started looking at religion from this point of view.  A religious event or ritual in a year, by depositing installments, becomes fixed for a year or 6 months.  Along with doing a big event or worship in a year, learn to make every action, behavior, conduct righteous.

May our behavior, conduct, our speaking, hearing, seeing, thinking be so rhythmic and knowledgeable that all these seem like rituals.  There is no need to do karma separately for religion, but do what is happening with such a pure spirit that it becomes religion.

Disappointment means to stop your progress in the direction of success and give up in front of the circumstances.  Despair refers to the mood of a person in which distrust arises in the efforts being made by oneself.

Disappointment acts as a barrier between life and happiness because in the life where there is disappointment, frustration, inferiority, despite everything, the person remains poor, unhappy and troubled.


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️What do people think about you?  It’s not much to consider.  What you think about yourself is important.  Have faith in your own abilities, in your efforts and in yourself.  There is nothing in the world which is greater than the efforts of man.  Live in anticipation not in despair.  Neither life comes again and again, nor does youth come back, nor does the past time ever come.  Celebrate every moment of life.


અમારા લેખનું લખાણ કોપી કરતા પહેલા અમારી લેખિત મંજુરી લેવી જરૂરી છે.
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