Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of dates and the proper method of consumption

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of dates and the proper method of consumption
 Dates are used as fruits and nuts.  There are many varieties available in the market.  It also causes a change in its price.  During the month of Ramadan, Muslims break their fast by eating dates.  Because it is an instant energy giving fruit.  It gives energy and strength to the body.
 Fresh dates are very soft.  It is quickly digested.  It contains glucose and gives it energy to the body.  Dates benefit from eating in the cold.  Because it helps to keep the body warm from within.  There are many benefits to eating dates.  But it can also be harmful if not eaten properly.
 1. Dates contain potassium.  Eating it keeps BP under control.  Which also eliminates stroke, cholesterol and heart diseases.
 2. Dates are a treasure trove of iron.  If the body is deficient in hemoglobin, dates should be eaten daily with milk.
 3. Dates should also be consumed to relieve constipation.  Dates are high in fiber.  So stomach problems and constipation go away.  There are benefits to eating dates on an empty stomach every morning.
 4. Dates contain sugar, protein as well as vitamins.  It eliminates the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body.  It nourishes the body.  For this you should eat dates with milk daily.
5. Dates are beneficial for pregnant women.  Its consumption eliminates the congenital diseases of the child.
 6. Dates are rich in Vitamin A.  It does not cause eye problems.  Night blindness is also avoided by eating dates.


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